About Us

About us

volunteers for sustainable development (VSD) Incorporated

VOLUNTEERS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (VSD) INCORPORATED is a grassroots development-based organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2003 to function as a non-faith, not-for-profit humanitarian Non Governmental Organization (NGO).

VSD draws its inspiration from the need to meet the appeals of distressed persons who are in dire need of help across Nigeria but especially from pathetic situations prevalent among the people that occupy the Local Government Council Areas appropriately known as Numan Federation.

VSD is guided and inspired by the objectives which informed a clear identification of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs], (which represent) a set of specific targets for Poverty Reduction adopted since 1990 by the International Development Communities towards which global development efforts will be focused.

In addition to the support and pursuit of MDGs, this organization is concerned about Good Governance, Transparency in Handling Public Affairs and Minimum Corruption. Other areas of special interest to VSD include Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management.

The VSD initiative identifies with, embraces and promotes the attainment of the three main elements of Human Development Index (HDI) which include Longevity (Life Expectancy), Knowledge, and Standard of Living and supports private initiatives in this direction which will complement government policy implementation as it affects Education, provision of Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation, Poverty Alleviation, Women & Youth Empowerment, Malnutrition and Basic Health Care Delivery for Improved Maternal Health and Reduced Child Mortality.

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