Past Collaborations

Over the years VSD Inc has received funding and technical support from local and international development partners as well as state development agencies. They include:

Future Collaborations

Volunteers for Sustainable Development (VSD) Inc seek collaboration with Official Development Assistance (ODAs) Agencies, United Nations (UN) Agencies, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), International Foundations, Global Corporations, Faith-Based Organizations; Government (Federal, State & Local), Local Businesses, Local Individual Foundations & Trusts, Community Foundations, Service Clubs & Membership Associations, Local & International Financial Institutions, among others who may be interested and committed to supporting the following areas:

  1. Promoting and facilitating skill acquisition programmes especially for women and youth
  2. Environmental protection, beautification and sanitation
  3. Human health and infrastructure enhancement initiatives
  4. Security, conflict management and peace building
  5. Anti-Drug abuse advocacy campaign, support treatment and rehabilitation
  6. Education: Efforts at increased enrollment especially of the girl child into primary schools.
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