Aims & Objectives

Aims & objectives

Volunteers for Sustainable Development Inc. (VSD) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Nigeria with its Head Office located at Numan, Adamawa State. The organization runs a Corporate Office at Jos, Plateau State. The primary aims and objectives of the organization include:

  1. To achieve Poverty Reduction and Economic Empowerment
  2. To promote and expand local community-based Micro-enterprise development in order to support households and strengthen social cohesion.
  3. To promote pro-poor income growth initiatives.
  4. To promote Human and Infrastructure Development.
  5. To encourage environment-friendly activities and ensure the protection and sustenance of safe environment.
  6. To build capacity for community-based management of Natural resources.
  7. To initiate and promote pro-public Health Intervention Programs.
  8. To evolve and pursue community-based approaches targeted towards crisis (conflict) management, conflict resolution, Peacemaking and Peace building.
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