How VSD Operates

VSD is a membership organization open to well-meaning individuals who harbor a genuine desire to share in the vision and mission of improving the lot of the millions of Nigerian citizens desperately in need of support and assistance. Members shall be so recognized on fulfillment of financial and other registration obligations as enshrined in the organization’s constitution, as well as from their commitment to the attainment of set goals and objectives.

The Organization operates throughout Nigeria but shall concentrate on the Northern and Middle Belt (Central) areas of Nigeria as main areas of operation. The choice of these areas underscores the desperate need for humanitarian and NGO intervention in areas known to accommodate most educationally-backward, very-poor, most vulnerable, and least developed communities with respect to Agriculture, Education and Youth unemployment.

As a non-profit, humanitarian and voluntary initiative, the organization relies on member contributions, donations, financial and other material support from governments in Nigeria, individuals, local and international organizations who believe in and share the aspirations of the organization. Specifically, funding is sourced from the following sources: Official Development Assistance (ODAs) Agencies, United Nations (UN) Agencies, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), International Foundations, Global Corporations, Faith-Based Organizations; Government (Federal, State & Local), Local Businesses, Local Individual Foundations & Trusts, Community Foundations, Service Clubs & Membership Associations, Local & International Financial Institutions, among others.

VSD’s main project thrust include Needs Assessment, Project Formulation, Project Implementation, Research, Consultancy, Training, Publicity, Public Enlightenment, Mass Mobilization, and intervention towards Capacity Building for sustainable development.

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